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  1. If only I could catch him! "The Cuckoo Clock" by Mrs. Molesworth
  2. We have to catch up! "The Pirates of Ersatz" by Murray Leinster

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    What Is the Auto Dealer's Catch to Offer Zero Percent Financing ...

    That might seem like a "catch," as do the relatively limited terms for such offers. But if you qualify, zero percent financing is a reward for having a top-tier credit ...

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    throw/catch. *Please note that this is only a small collection of antonyms. T here are many more! T his list w as meant for beginners. O ther lists are available in ...

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    Antonyms 2 Level 2. Directions: Choose the word that ... C. calm. 9. IMPORTANT. A. grand. B. weighty. C. worthless. 10. CATCH. A. drop. B. capture. C. receive ...

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    Synonyms and antonyms for catch. 1. catch (v.) discover or come upon accidentally, suddenly, or unexpectedly; catch somebody doing something or in a certain ...

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