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  • damage, destruction, detriment.
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Examples of usage:
  1. Otherwise if there is no such universal necessity neither can any preconception be a sign of a necessity which exists not - "The Consolation of Philosophy" by Boethius
  2. If we but get rid of the preconception that a sovereign state can only admit an interpretation of law to be authoritative for itself when pronounced by its own courts no reason is visible why an award of an international court which upsets an award of a national court should be considered an infringement of state sovereignty - "The Future of International Law" by Lassa Oppenheim
  3. How I had anciently gathered such stores of preconception is more than I shall undertake an account of though I believe I should be able to scrape one together certain it is at any rate that half the beauty of the whole exposed second floor of a modiste just opposite for instance with the fittings and figurings as well as the intent immobilities of busy young women descried through frank and as it were benignant apertures and of such bright fine strain that they but asked to work far into the night came from the effect on the part of these things of so exactly crowning and comforting I couldn't have said what momentous young dream - "A Small Boy and Others" by Henry James
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