Antonyms of CLIPPING

Examples of usage:

  1. Crawford brought his own gun up, seeking the target, and clipping at the same time, " We want him alive-" It was too late. "Border, Breed Nor Birth" by Dallas McCord Reynolds
  2. Half lifting her, he helped her back into her chair, and as she turned her face away, struggling for mastery of her emotion, true or feigned, he sat back, found his cigarette case, and clipping a cigarette between his lips, cast about for a match. "Alias The Lone Wolf" by Louis Joseph Vance
  3. He treasured that clipping as for years he had treasured the letters I wrote him from Polotzk. "The Promised Land" by Mary Antin
  4. He remembered the newspaper clipping of a cleaner's advertisement, which was even now in the gold bag before him. "The Gold Bag" by Carolyn Wells
  5. " Yes, let's have a husband by all means," laughed Fanny, roguishly clipping Master Boltay round the neck, and kissing his stubbly face with her round red lips. "A Hungarian Nabob" by Maurus Jókai
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