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Antonyms of SLIM
Examples of usage:
  1. We are often applied to for cauliflower plants as late as May, but the chances of their forming heads when planted in May are slim indeed. - "The Cauliflower" by A. A. Crozier
  2. He drew out the bill and handed it to Slim for his inspection. - "The Girl Aviators' Sky Cruise" by Margaret Burnham
  3. Slim, sweet and graceful, she looked up into his somber face. - "The Sherrods" by George Barr McCutcheon
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The antonym of slim start with S

The antonym of slim start with S? ... What word starting with c is the antonym of tragic? comedic. 3 people ... What is an antonym for finish besides start? begin.

Synonyms for “slim” | Collins English Thesaurus

Synonyms for “slim” | The official Collins English Thesaurus online. Over 1 million synonyms and antonyms with quotations and translations to other languages..


Learn all about antonyms with classroom activities for learning antonyms, including ... K-2 Antonyms: down, slim, fat, fun, nice, left, boring, up, right, mean.

Synonyms for slim | Synonym.com

Synonyms and antonyms for slim. 1. slim (adj.) being of delicate or slender build. Synonyms: slight,; lean,; slender,; thin,; svelte. Antonyms:.

slimming - Wiktionary

Antonyms[edit]. fattening.
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