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Antonyms of CLASSY
Examples of usage:
  1. But it is some classy order, all right, if you come to think of it; I guess I won't commence to- day. - "From the Car Behind" by Eleanor M. Ingram
  2. Tom Hartshorne- no one who ever spoke two words with him could call him anything else but " Tom"- was the only exception to this rule; the others were all men of a class, " classy," without any distinctive individuality. - "Caught in a Trap" by John C. Hutcheson
  3. They were exceedingly " classy"; they affected to regard all the Society of the city with scorn, and had their own all- the- year- round diversions- an open- air horse show in summer, and in the fall fox- hunting in fancy uniforms. - "The Metropolis" by Upton Sinclair
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