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  • advance, ahead, bring forward, face, forrad.
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Antonyms of NATIVE:
adopted, adoptive, foreign, nonnative, adventive, strange, impure, naturalized, alien, exotic, tramontane, established, foreign-born, unnaturalised, unnaturalized, imported, accidental, extrinsic, outward, superficial, supplemental, casual, fortuitous, subsidiary, superfluous, transient, external, incidental, superadded, superimposed, unconnected, introduced, transplanted, expatriate, immigrant, nonindigenous, filtered, pure, purified, dressed, processed, refined, treated, coincidental, acquired, adscititious, surface, exterior, adventitious, extraneous.
Misspellings for NATIVE:
nnegative, initave, negativy, natice, nitieve, nagativ, negitiv, notifee, natyre, negativ, natin, negatuve, natiion, natute, notafie, nightlive, negitave, netive, negactive, nactive, conitive, negatvie, inuitive, maniputive, ntime, ngative, negartive, nativly, natlie, natilie, tenative, nauative, negtive, nieive, negivtive, natve, noticve, natore, naivee, nayeeve, narritve, nitify, naegative, nothave, nagative, nahve, naieve, notived, negitvy, nitice, narative, naiive, natiave, nassive, navie, negetive, tentavie, poaitive, negataive, inative, negetaive, iniative, sinitive, naitive, neqitive, mative, naievte, retive, nerative, innative, negive, innotive, natvies, utive, ndavid, narrarive, nateve, ceative, naivite, atove, nanative, senative, negiative, naytime, notifey, notigiy, nagetive, notofy, tentive, naivte, notie, tenttive, whateve, andhave, navtive, narive, tentaive, natvie, namedrive, nadfork, negattive, neagive, negitve, naative, negavtive, notfiy, narraive, natrue, naitives, adive, natuire, inniative, notihg, attive, detive, neagtive, ternative, iniotive, negatiove, naitve, inertivew, nativ, punative, randevue, neaive, natiwe, neggative, neative, naeve, feative, futive, nigative, nicve, naties, naiivety, antiva, notifuy, narritive, neagative, nautic, narartive, noteven, negatave, gnegative, nativs, negagtive, natevies, noticfy, negitive, nataie, notivce, negitaive, thatahve, narravtive, neieve, ative, ntive, netire, nhave, tenetive, negaitive, nnovative, nigitive, notiec, lative, naiev, natue, notfor, narattive, negaitve, notive, initaive, nadie, innoative, negtivie, noitify, senaitive, noitfy, neagitive, narritiva, notife, negitavie, potive, nagtive, iniaitive, notifi, negatitve, notafi, sative, natiele, nefative, negeative, naritive, nautica, nagitive, natire, nylife, naitves, notifyy, nativty, negaive, youtuve, neruve, wantever, intive, natile, inotive, nelive, tenatiuve, natuion, naritave, naeive, cative, negativie, motaive, novative, negotive, genative, sentive, naitovp, ctive, negatiive, tenataive, natier, initive, nerrative, that've, natrive, iniiative, quanative, punitave, intuive, negeitive, nattive, narrtive, gtive, nevative, pndrive, nataion, narritave, genetive, nnotify, negtaive, noteify, niaive, natavie, inaitive, inteivew, negatove, unitive, randavue, iniatief, lativa, natelie, natino, antive, natife, natavit, neagitvie, negaticve, neativly, netvork, unnative, notivied, noive, santafe, seneteive, tennative.
Examples of usage:
  1. Dorn was a native of Washington.
    "The Desert of Wheat", Zane Grey.
  2. You speak the best English I've heard from a native.
    "The Magnetic North", Elizabeth Robins (C. E. Raimond).
  3. Such a native man is pointed out to you as an excellent Spaniol.
    "Northern California, Oregon, and the Sandwich Islands", Charles Nordhoff.