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  • achromatic, neutral.
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Antonyms of GENTLE:
untamed, intense, steep, lowborn, unkind, loud, heavy, wild, acrimonious, crusty, hateful, ill-tempered, surly, churlish, disagreeable, ill-conditioned, morose, unamiable, crabbed, dogged, ill-humored, sour, unlovely, cruel, gruff, ill-natured, sullen, exquisite, fierce, powerful, severe, forceful, forcible, savage, violent, roughened, rugged, strong, abrading, irritating, roughening, grim, rude, stiff, heavy-handed, oppressive, pitiless, tyrannical, abrasive, caustic, coarse, hard, harsh, rough, scathing, stern, ungentle, blustering, blustery, breezy, gusty, squally, stormy, windy, misty, rainy, showery, bleak, cloudy, dismal, foggy, gloomy, gray, hazy, overcast, sunless, bitter, dirty, foul, nasty, raw, inclement, intemperate, inferior, knavish, bastard, illegitimate, ordinary, plain, abased, degraded, junior, subordinate, baseborn, common, humble, ignoble, low, lower-class, lowly, mean, nonaristocratic, plebeian, ungenteel, brazen, crashing, dinning, discordant, noisy, obstreperous, raucous, rip-roaring, vociferous, grating, shrill, squealing, strident, clarion, clear, trumpetlike, blaring, blasting, booming, clamorous, clangorous, deafening, earsplitting, overloud, piercing, plangent, resounding, ringing, roaring, sonorous, stentorian, thundering, thunderous.
Misspellings for GENTLE:
diigently, geneal, genrel, genlty, gentils, genetate, junenile, genltly, gentic, genatils, genatic, generle, geniunley, gengtle, ugently, intle, lentle, genture, gentlely, clientile, getnly, genitelia, gental, jently, sentiel, genatal, gunite, contiule, genteil, cantell, kenadll, contlol, ergently, genuintly, gentel, dentel, mentl, gentlier, gengle, geenlee, gentlem, genuinley, kettel, juenvile, genrale, mentily, grendel, kerrentle, genitile, genal, ketle, contliue, mentle, cnetre, gentily, genarel, genetype, yuntil, bently, rentla, kettale, gentli, keetle, jenelle, genounly, generel, gunbattle, genlte, gentlen, vioently, kendel, lentel, contole, rently, gingle, genatiles, gentals, gentlt, urgantly, girtle, entell, genter, geatly, gondla, geartly, ergantly, gandthi, mentla, gentele, genitla, greatley, genunly, genetal, mently, entale, gente, greatle, gentally, rentl, kendle, dentle, gnetly, bentely, genitilia, gentiler, dentla, genlely, gentc, ently, entile, cernatlie, entel, gentiel, gundala, rentel, genitles, grendle, genitala, dentl, gantalet, jentle, newcatle, gountlet, genteler, genuonly, cantlop, curentley, pently, urgewntly, gretly, gentil, genuwly, genarle, gentely, genrle, gende, grently, clentel, kendale, genuwily, contoler, mentaley, fuently, recntly, intile, recnetly, gentley, genotyp, gernate, rentle, gentaly, genunily, getle, gentail, reecntly, genterly, recntley, genty, gontlet, genitle, equently, getly, gentlty, curuntley, urgentlly, gendre, penetly, urgintly, jentile, genarld, gentre, genualy, centaly, cleintel, gentili, entill, clientle, genatalia, genarale, quntiles, lintle, geantly, genual, kendull, gentl, gandolf, geniuly, gentalia, kennle, genuely, genuiley, genertae, genly, geniticly, urgentley, genetech, gentale, mentale, guntil, gentlly, guaentee, jental, genetive, genle, gondela, crently, jgentle, genatals, lentile, kentukey, centile, argently, contulue, contorle, curentli, genitellia, genatl, jentel, genetly, gentelly, gendale, guaerntee, jentny, kendal, qeitly.
Examples of usage:
  1. But you must come and see our friend; he has been so kind and gentle, and talked a great deal to me.
    "On the Banks of the Amazon", W.H.G. Kingston.
  2. " All her father's ways were gentle and delicate," said Clara.
    "In Luck at Last", Walter Besant.
  3. I want a friend- the Senator of Rome wants a friend- only one friend- gentle Heaven!
    "Rienzi", Edward Bulwer Lytton.