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  • unbelted, beltless.
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Antonyms of JUMP:
detriment, stranglehold, disparity, imbalance, inequality, unevenness, disability, failing, impairment, shortcoming, bar, catch, check, clog, crimp, embarrassment, hindrance, hitch, hurdle, impediment, interference, let, manacle, obstacle, obstruction, rub, shackle, stop, trammel, lurch, setback, disadvantage, drawback, handicap, liability, minus, penalty, strike.
Misspellings for JUMP:
ecomp, jumb, jumpp, jusp, pump3, jumpoed, jumoped, jumpeed, jumepd, gump, jumpin, jumpep, gumpy, jumior, tump, juman, jume, jumpd, julip, junp, himup, jum, nump, jourmey, jup, pummp, jumpped, caamp, campa, jumo, klump, puimp, symp, jupm, gulmp, jusmp, jummped, jumpo, bummp, jumed, lumpu, jimps, jumop, pumpo, jumpid, jamp, jumna, camap, jumpt, compu, jumpse, klumpp, highjump, jumpimg, jumpe, jumple, jumpss, jumk, comnp, jumpoff, jyp, camp2, comp179, gumps, jimp, jumeped, jumos, sumup, jymco.
Examples of usage:
  1. " One jump ahead of you.
    "The Ultroom Error", Gerald Allan Sohl.
  2. " But I don't like people to jump upon me," Alice said.
    "Can You Forgive Her?", Anthony Trollope.
  3. Shall I jump on the step?
    "The Matador of the Five Towns and Other Stories", Arnold Bennett.