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  • advance, ahead, bring forward, face, forrad.
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Antonyms of PROCESSION:
backwash, ebb, reflux, retraction, return, reversal, reverse, about-face, turnabout, turnaround, recess, recession, regress, regression, retreat, retrogression.
Misspellings for PROCESSION:
proffession, apreceation, presntion, prosecustion, precesion, prestion, preocessing, promission, reprocussion, prescition, producetion, posisition, proffesion, permestion, prffesion, provission, procesution, perfestion, profetion, procelain, professiona, prosesion, precission, possistion, posesion, provsision, presicion, professsion, produstion, recesion, precertion, prreperstion, profesion, protcetion, processsing, precussion, progession, preceision, procelin, apreseation, prossession, propersition, possestion, professior, processign, percession, prsausion, prefession, procission, proscessing, primission, posession, repocession, prussion, protestion, poesession, propersistion, percestion, presision, percesion, propstion, protecetion, propistion, proceessing, promosion, pocession, procrastion, prmission, procesing, procelean, pressin, presission, prescion, poccession, persession, prosition, prevestion, protusion, presion, prossesion, proffetion, profestion, presition, persusasion, possetion, protesion, processon, prosion, procecution, permisission, prescision, propestion, procesion, preofession, proffestion, procescution, processiors, protursion, presation, recesssion, suprestion, porecelain, processiing, pedrestian, posesesion, proession, presison, profffesion, processin, arrestion, professtion, proseceution, presuation, propesition, appreceation, posestion, receission, prescerition, prosetion, profeesion, professiont, precicion, receession, prescibtion, prosituion, pricision, possesion, processeing, propersation, perrmission, perimission, prosicusion, procetion, proceline, propersision, prception, precention, profeshion, perucssion, prosision, progresstion, prfession, preciscion, posistion, presession, recessioin, proccession, poseesion, proecessing, precsion, processiong, permissision, possostion, prosciption, pression, propesetion, prosession, promossion, possesstion, poessesion, proception, prostion, preswasion, procicution, procussion, premssion, presuasion, posostion, psostion, prosscessing, poscession, poseession, preciision, processand, priocessing, professioan, proffeesion, recession2.
Examples of usage:
  1. Herschel stands at the eye- piece to watch the glorious procession of celestial objects.
    "The Story of the Heavens", Robert Stawell Ball.
  2. It appeared the elephants were wanted to take part in a procession, and for a while they let me guess what sort of a procession.
    "Caves of Terror", Talbot Mundy.
  3. Do you know, on the way from Shawport, I saw a procession of the men, and anything more terrible- It's the children I think of!
    "Hilda Lessways", Arnold Bennett.