Antonyms of egress:
immersion, ingress, access, entrée, entrance, entranceway, entry, entryway.
Examples of usage:
  1. Afterwards, as he stood in the crowd near the door, where the rain was delaying the egress, he saw suddenly Lord Newhaven's face watching him.
    "Red Pottage", Mary Cholmondeley.
  2. In silence they wound through the defile, till all egress seemed barred by a lofty crag.
    "The Hour and the Man An Historical Romance", Harriet Martineau.
  3. He was killed a few moments later when the Indians, not knowing of the egress into the garden and believing that all the Spaniards were inside the burning building, came round to the other side of the Storehouse.
    "Bartholomew de Las Casas; his life, apostolate, and writings", Francis Augustus MacNutt.