Antonyms of PENCHANT

Examples of usage:

  1. Women here have seen so many instances of cruelty, during the last ten or twelve years, they have participated, in a manner more or less direct, in an order of things so replete with tragical events, that those among them who feel a penchant for the stage, find themselves, in consequence, disposed to figure in tragedy. "Paris As It Was and As It Is" by Francis W. Blagdon
  2. And ample reason had we to congratulate ourselves upon our decision, for shortly after nightfall and all through the hours of darkness our ears were assailed by an almost continuous succession of such hair- raising shrieks and howls, roars and bellowings, as thoroughly convinced me that North Island was no sort of dwelling- place for human beings with a penchant for peace and quietness. "The Strange Adventures of Eric Blackburn" by Harry Collingwood
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