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  • homebody, denizen, dweller, habitant, inhabitant.
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Antonyms of RETIRE:
advance, arise, get up, go on, march on, move on, pass on, progress, rise, turn out, uprise, arouse, awake, awaken, rouse, wake, waken, bestir, stir, reawake, reawaken, shift, keep, reemploy, rehire, contract, subcontract, recruit, employ, engage, hire, retain, sign, take on, beard, brave, brazen, breast, confront, dare, defy, face, outbrave.
Examples of usage:
  1. He did not retire.
    "Two Boys and a Fortune", Matthew White, Jr..
  2. I am going to wake the nurse, and then retire myself.
    "The Garies and Their Friends", Frank J. Webb.
  3. Do you object to retire to the next room for a few minutes in the event of his coming back to the library?
    "The New Magdalen", Wilkie Collins.