Antonyms of DEBAUCH

Examples of usage:

  1. For it is on this point that we discover behind the phantoms of the corrupt dramatists who are restrained by the censorship from debauching the stage, the reality of the corrupt managers and theatre proprietors who actually do debauch it without let or hindrance from the censorship. "The Shewing-up of Blanco Posnet" by George Bernard Shaw
  2. There was everything to drive me back, nothing to excite sympathy in a rude tumult of the senses, which I foresaw would end in a gross debauch. "Letters written during a short residence in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark" by Mary Wollstonecraft
  3. One morning, when Mathews had been on a debauch of several days' duration, Miss Mathews walked over to Mrs. Darrell, and apologizing for not having been to see Alice, because she had had so much trouble at home, said she wished to speak to Mr. Darrell. "The Squatter and the Don" by C. Loyal
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