Antonyms of REFLUX

Examples of usage:

  1. It is he who has established the laws by which the moon contributes three- fourths to the cause of the flux and reflux of the ocean, and the sun the remaining fourth. "A Philosophical Dictionary, Volume 5 (of 10) From "The Works of Voltaire - A Contemporary Version"" by Fran├žois-Marie Arouet (AKA Voltaire) Commentator: John Morley Tobias Smollett H.G. Leigh
  2. The reflux condenser is now removed and one set for downward distillation is attached to the side- arm. "Organic-Syntheses" by Conant, James Bryant
  3. If the reaction proceeds too violently at the beginning, the reflux condenser may be assisted by placing a wet towel over the upper part of the flask. "Organic-Syntheses" by Conant, James Bryant
  4. Others, when nearly touching the sand, were washed out again by the reflux of another roller following up the first. "Hurricane Hurry" by W.H.G. Kingston
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