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Antonyms of CULTIVATE
Examples of usage:
  1. We would therefore recommend to the Colony at large to cultivate that Christian union harmony and tender affection which constitute the only foundation upon which our invaluable privileges can rest with any security or our public measures be pursued with the least prospect of success - "Sages and Heroes of the American Revolution" by L. Carroll Judson
  2. He became conversant with the pattern of the window curtains and began to cultivate a lively interest in the headgear of the superior young person who wheeled Miss Cameron's go cart - "Love's Usuries" by Louis Creswicke
  3. Share the Experience I have had Consider all I've known and seen And Don't be Good and Don't be Bad But cultivate a Golden Mean - "Verse and Worse" by Harry Graham
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Antonyms 1 Level 8. Directions: ... The word cultivate means to grow or nurture for growth. ... The opposite of cultivate is to harm or not nurture into growing.

Cultivate Synonyms, Cultivate Antonyms | Merriam-Webster Thesaurus

1 to come to have gradually <cultivated a taste for opera in order to fit in with his new circle of friends> Synonyms acquire, develop, formRelated Words absorb, ...

Cultivated Synonyms, Cultivated Antonyms | Merriam-Webster ...

having or showing a taste for the fine arts and gracious living <the museum's annual gala for charity attracts not only a very wealthy, but also a very cultivated ...

Synonyms for cultivate | Synonym.com

Synonyms and antonyms for cultivate. 1. cultivate (v.) foster the growth of. Synonyms: farm,; produce,; grow,; raise. 2. cultivate (v.) prepare for crops. Synonyms:.

Synonyms for cultivated | Synonym.com

Synonyms and antonyms for cultivated. 1. cultivated (adj.) no longer in the natural state; developed by human care and for human use. Synonyms: tamed,; tame.
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