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  • advance, ahead, bring forward, face, forrad.
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Antonyms of OBEDIENT:
disobedient, recusant, perverse, headstrong, wayward, fractious, contrary, recalcitrant, obstinate, self-willed, willful, refractory, froward, wilful, determined, inflexible, opinionated, dogged, intractable, resolute, stubborn, unyielding, firm, insurgent, mutinous, hardheaded, mulish, obdurate, peevish, pigheaded, uncontrollable, unmanageable, wild, balky, defiant, resistant, bad, disorderly, errant, misbehaving, mischievous, naughty, ill-bred, undisciplined, dissident, nonconformist, disrespectful, ill-mannered, impolite, impudent, insolent, rude, contumacious, incompliant, insubordinate, noncompliant, obstreperous, rebel, rebellious, restive, unamenable, ungovernable, unruly, untoward.
Misspellings for OBEDIENT:
obidiently, obedienc, icedent, eveident, obeidient, ubundent, obeadiant, obedeince, obdeience, forbiddent, obtaiined, ambitient, oreietned, obtined, abduant, obient, obediate, immediant, immedient, abudnant, ebident, abudant, evidient, obeidantly, obeidence, obiedience, abundent, obtainted, obedeintly, abidment, obteined, obrtained, aberrent, evdident, obidiant, ididnt, obedieant, obtiained, imedient, obtatined, acedent, obeidintly, obidience, obdeient, obtaint, evedant, obdiently, emedient, evidident, immediante, obtainedd, obdiant, diobedient, obatined, obeydently, obdience, obediantly, eveidnet, obtaianed, obbidience, obtianed, obediant, obeident, obedent, obervent, obiedant, evedent, imediant, evedint, obiedent, obiediantly, ababdoned, obervant, abudent, obtaeind, obiedient, evdient, oatient, obidiantly, abortifacient, aesadint, immedianty, abondent, obvernight, evedient, obdeince, obtainned, eident, obident, obatianed, obtaiend, obiediant, obidently, obiediently, ididn't, obideience, offitient, obdient, obedince, abuddant, obstinent, obeidience, obidient, obidiantelly, obediendt, imidiant, abaadonend, aborhent, bedind, ebulient, ebodiment, forbbident, immdiant, obediens, obedeant, obedien, obedienant, obedently, obedintly, obiedently, obitunity, esdient.
Examples of usage:
  1. And, be it not forgotten, there are many obedient whose lines will pass down.
    "The Kempton-Wace Letters", Jack London Anna Strunsky.
  2. Hugh Winston, your most obedient servant.
    "Caribbee", Thomas Hoover.
  3. But the good wife was obedient.
    "Peg Woffington", Charles Reade.