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Examples of usage:
  1. She saw also the preoccupied, aged look growing on Dudley's face, and knew that the shadow was over him too. - "Winding Paths" by Gertrude Page
  2. His mind is entirely preoccupied with business. - "The Spinners" by Eden Phillpotts
  3. He was preoccupied and eager, but fully aware of the need for coolness, for it was quite possible that he might fail in the task he had in hand. - "Vane of the Timberlands" by Harold Bindloss
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Synonyms for “preoccupied” | The official Collins English Thesaurus online. Over 1 million synonyms and antonyms with quotations and translations to other ...

Preoccupied | Define Preoccupied at Dictionary.com

Preoccupied definition, completely engrossed in thought; absorbed. See more.

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lost in thought and unaware of one's surroundings or actions <too preoccupied with her worries to enjoy the meal> Synonyms absent, abstracted, distracted, ...

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Synonyms and antonyms for preoccupied. 1. preoccupied (adj.) deeply absorbed in thought. Synonyms: deep in thought,; thoughtful,; bemused,; lost. Antonyms:.

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