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  • existent, real.
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Examples of usage:
  1. So he counted the rail- lengths, watch in hand, with a curse to the count for his witlessness in failing to have Loring repeat the Boston message to him during the long wait at Juniberg; and when the time for the decision arrived he signaled the engineer to slow down, jumped from the step at the nearest crossing and hastened up the street toward the Court House. - "The Grafters" by Francis Lynde
  2. Come, answer this, didst thou detect in me Some touch of cowardice or witlessness, That made thee undertake this enterprise? - "The Oedipus Trilogy" by Sophocles
  3. That his landing had been opposed, was, they declared, no fault of theirs; it was all the witlessness of their ignorant followers, who had insisted on fighting. - "Early Britain--Roman Britain" by Edward Conybeare
  4. For all his witlessness Val, poor fellow, knew when he was happy and comfortable and when he was not, and he did not need his grandmother to tell him that he was no favourite with General Boldero. - "Leonore Stubbs" by L. B. Walford
  5. It was not mere witlessness she contributed to their trouble. - "Marriage" by H. G. Wells
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