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Antonyms of RECIPROCATE:
absolve, excuse, forgive, overlook, pass over, acquit, forget, neglect, pardon, slight, owe.
Misspellings for RECIPROCATE:
resiprosity, recipicant, recropicate, recipricating, recipriocity, recipicate, recipocate, recipercate, receprocity, reciprecated, receprocate, reciprient, recipricle, reciprecate, recipecant, reciprosity, recirocate, reciprocrate, recipriant, recipirocated, recipricated, recipracol, respirometer, reciporated, recipracated, receprocated, recipricate, recipricant, reprocude, rosie'spierogies, recepricate, recipricates.
Examples of usage:
  1. Sorry I can't reciprocate.
    "Torchy, Private Sec.", Sewell Ford.
  2. " I reciprocate the hope," said Maraquito radiantly, " and I'll tell you a secret.
    "The Secret Passage", Fergus Hume.
  3. That concerns me but little"- words used not in a spirit of mere light- heartedness, but because it was a condition he had from the first accepted, and over which he hoped to triumph; for he continues, " I know they will do all in their power to destroy us, and we will reciprocate the compliment.
    "Admiral Farragut", A. T. Mahan.