Examples of usage:

  1. There was a glint of mercilessness in his eyes. "The Keeper of the Door" by Ethel M. Dell
  2. In him is everything, even the Sun Myth and the fascination of the mysterious peaks of the Himalayas, tales of the Indian pagoda, the stern majesty of the Mongolian Conquerors- Emperors of All Asia- and the ancient, hazy legends of the Chinese sages; immersion in the thoughts of the Brahmans; the severities of life of the monks of the " Virtuous Order"; the vengeance of the eternally wandering warriors, the Olets, with their Khans, Batur Hun Taigi and Gushi; the proud bequests of Jenghiz and Kublai Khan; the clerical reactionary psychology of the Lamas; the mystery of Tibetan kings beginning from Srong- Tsang Gampo; and the mercilessness of the Yellow Sect of Paspa. "Beasts, Men and Gods" by Ferdinand Ossendowski
  3. That Virgil wrote much which he deliberately destroyed is obviously certain; his fastidiousness and his melancholy alike drove him towards the search after perfection, and his mercilessness towards his own work may be measured by his intention to burn the Aeneid. "Latin Literature" by J. W. Mackail
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