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  • advance, ahead, bring forward, face, forrad.
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Antonyms of EXTRUDE:
accept, admit, receive, take, take in, welcome, entertain, harbor, house, lodge, shelter.
Misspellings for EXTRUDE:
expred, extrra, extraight, exlored, exitfed, exterioe, extrdued, extre, extraced, exticed, extrene, extrct, textrued, acceptred, exadurate, extrs, extrea, extrime, exteded, extermety, extrme, exadreate, extrodite, extrodanay, execvtured, exteriro, extrodary, oxfrod, exsadurate, extrodinay, extreely, expride, extravate, exteire, extrap, extrem, extrame, extrodiary, extrer, extrta, gestrued, extratime, exteriot, extided, extreley, excitred, exstrem, extredite, extrated, extrely, exectured, extres, extadite, extrmitie, extrodenary, extrocked, exteryer, exnored, exterime, extry, extraes, extoled, expried, extied, extridite, extirieur, extrat, extire, extirror, extroller, extrar, extro, extrade, extrodernary, extemed, entrude.