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  1. In these Things our Taste is strangely confin'd: provided the Verses run smoothly, and the Language is soft and harmonious, we think it is fine: Let the Subject be a Boreas, or a Zephyr: Nay, I do not question but the Couplet I quoted out of the English Homer is reckon'd one of the finest of the Version by Ladies, and Gentleman who judge like Ladies, and who are the Nine in Ten of all Readers of Poetry. "An Essay on Criticism" by John Oldmixon
  2. Near the garden entrance, through which the odor of sweet flowers and the song of birds was wafted with every gentle zephyr, stood Goethe, looking at the woman whom he had so passionately loved for three years, so absorbingly, that to her were consecrated all his thoughts. "Old Fritz and the New Era" by Louise Muhlbach
  3. She only reached a limb, however, and sent him away, as Dessalines said, bearing a mark from Le Zephyr. "The Hour and the Man An Historical Romance" by Harriet Martineau

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