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  1. Buldeo says thou art a wizard, but I know thou hast avenged Nathoo's death." "The Jungle Book" by Rudyard Kipling
  2. " Admitting that, by keeping mid- channel, she goes clear of White Stone and Frogs," he said, giving to Throgmorton's its vulgar name, " he must be a wizard, to know that the Stepping- Stones lie directly across his course, and that a vessel must steer away northerly, or bring up on rocks that will as surely hold him as if he were built there. "The Water-Witch or, The Skimmer of the Seas" by James Fenimore Cooper
  3. So they started for the King's castle, but it was far off, and they had to pass through many cities and villages; and when the people in the cities and the villages heard the vagabond singing in the street, and saw Heartsease, they wondered at her great beauty, and when the vagabond sang they were afraid, and they thought he must be a wizard and that Heartsease was a witch, and they often drove them away from their doors; so that Heartsease and the vagabond with difficulty earned enough bread to keep them alive. "The Blue Rose Fairy Book" by Maurice Baring

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