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  1. Farther to the south it reached the temple of Thotmes the Great, then, turning round, it clung to the eastern face of the Libyan hills- pierced with tombs and catacombs; it mounted the terraces of the temple of Hatasu, and paused by the tombs of the oldest kings which are in the immediate neighborhood; thus by sunset it had reached the scene of the festival itself, at the entrance of the valley in which the tomb of Setitt had been made, and in whose westernmost recesses were some of the graves of the Pharaohs of the deposed race. "The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers" by Georg Ebers
  2. Westernmost of all Surrey towns, Farnham stands at the joining of the ways. "Highways and Byways in Surrey" by Eric Parker
  3. To the north- westernmost head of Connecticut river. "The Grammar of English Grammars" by Goold Brown
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