Antonyms of WABBLY

Examples of usage:

  1. I felt wabbly and dizzy for a second, and I expect I gawps at him open faced. "Torchy, Private Sec." by Sewell Ford
  2. Others evade the issue as long as possible by giving the child no money at all; while most of us pursue an uncertain and wabbly course, sometimes giving money, sometimes withholding it, sometimes exhorting the child to spend, and sometimes to save. "Study of Child Life" by Marion Foster Washburne
  3. These facts you've gathered are all wabbly; they'll never in the world fit in trim and true. "The Million-Dollar Suitcase" by Alice MacGowan Perry Newberry
  4. His face went grey again, and he got wabbly at the hinges, so I helped him into the parlour. "Pardners" by Rex Beach
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