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  1. His real name was the Reverend Stephen Richmond, but Jill and I always called him Dick behind his back; it seemed so jolly and venturesome, somehow, to speak of a minister like that. "Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1905 to 1906" by Lucy Maud Montgomery
  2. After the departure of the Schramling family, many years elapsed before any pioneers were found venturesome enough to settle in this portion of the valley. "A Sketch of the History of Oneonta" by Dudley M. Campbell
  3. Finding the doctor deaf to her entreaties, Mrs. Jeremy grew so disturbed by his dangerous position that, looking most imploringly at Gertrude, she begged her to get the doctor away, for the poor man was so venturesome he would surely be killed. "The Lamplighter" by Maria S. Cummins

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