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  1. " I agree with you," said Gud, addressing himself to the Keeper of Morals, " in your belief that it is wrong to discourage births, and also wrong to encourage deaths- for unrestricted birth and unpremeditated death are great moral principles and nothing must be allowed to interfere with them." "The Book of Gud" by Dan Spain Harold Hersey
  2. The aim of free trade or unrestricted commerce was equality of trade opportunities; but such conditions of unrestricted competition tended to concentrate trade in the hands of the strongest interests and to prevent equality of opportunity. "The Economic Aspect of Geology" by C. K. Leith
  3. Our circle I fondly call it, and doubtless then called it, because in the light of that description I could most rejoice in it, and I think of it now as having formed a little world of easy and happy interchange, of unrestricted and yet all so instinctively sane and secure association and conversation, with all its liberties and delicacies, all its mirth and its earnestness protected and directed so much more from within than from without, that I ask myself, perhaps too fatuously, whether any such right conditions for the play of young intelligence and young friendship, the reading of Matthew Arnold and Browning, the discussion of a hundred human and personal things, the sense of the splendid American summer drawn out to its last generosity, survives to this more complicated age. "Notes of a Son and Brother" by Henry James
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