Antonyms of TIMELESS

Examples of usage:

  1. Those things that seem to happen herein, one after another, really happened instantaneously,- for this is a tale of a timeless time, and there will be, when these things are, no time at all, and no hope of any time, since this story begins, and is finished the day after eternity, which is after the ending of all that was and before the beginning of that which will never be. "The Book of Gud" by Dan Spain Harold Hersey
  2. After all, it must be some day, even in this timeless and condemned trench. "Non-combatants and Others" by Rose Macaulay
  3. This ancestor had a lonely, stern, gaunt face, no modern expression in it whatsoever- the timeless face of the woods. "Bride of the Mistletoe" by James Lane Allen
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