Antonyms of OVERDUE

Examples of usage:

  1. If they, 'mid whom I sported without dread, Were home I would not mind what foe might do, Or fear tax- man Odell would seize my bed To pay the hearth- rate that is overdue. "Reincarnations" by James Stephens
  2. 4: Paragraph 25 By December Hutton Group had decided to send someone down to Hutton Trust to whip things into shape, and they chose Ken Simon; he had us hire every accountant and accounting clerk the temp agencies in Wilmington could provide, and then we got some from Philly, too, and we started digging out from under the mountain of overdue statements. "Diamond Dust" by K. Kay Shearin
  3. When the vessel was two weeks overdue I was more anxious than I cared to admit, but now that the third week is nearly gone, I find myself unable to keep my mind upon the paper that I try to read, or for that matter upon anything else. "Princess Polly At Play" by Amy Brooks
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