Antonyms of OBEYS

Examples of usage:

  1. To him that obeys well, the truth comes easy; to him who does not obey, it comes not, or comes in forms of fear and dismay. "Warlock o' Glenwarlock" by George MacDonald
  2. Thus we may lay down the following definition: Physical things are those series of appearances whose matter obeys the laws of physics. "Mysticism and Logic and Other Essays" by Bertrand Russell
  3. But were it already past, and though a soldier but obeys the hours, yet you should be a wife before I go." "The Way of the Gods" by John Luther Long
  4. She obeys her husband's stern commands, Ellen, but her heart aches for us. "Ellen Middleton--A Tale" by Georgiana Fullerton
  5. It not unfrequently happens that people who know that the world nowadays obeys fixed laws have no difficulty in believing that six thousand years ago man was made direct from a lump of clay, and woman was made from one of man's superfluous ribs. "Darwin and Modern Science" by A.C. Seward and Others
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