Antonyms of NOMINALLY

Examples of usage:

  1. At present, of course, Prince Aribert is nominally heir to the throne, but as no doubt you are aware, the Grand Duke will shortly marry a near relative of the Emperor's, and should there be a family- ' Mr Dimmock stopped and shrugged his straight shoulders. "The Grand Babylon Hotel" by Arnold Bennett
  2. Though nominally the first of the boats, the Monarch is actually composed of those who, from their place in the school, or from their prowess at other games, deserve some recognition; in fact, I may best designate the members of the " ten," as good worthy people, who have tried to row well and have not succeeded. "Rowing" by Rudolf Chambers Lehmann
  3. The Consuls for the year, nominally at least, wielded the whole power of the Empire. "The Roman Poets of the Augustan Age: Virgil" by W. Y. Sellar
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