Antonyms of NEWFANGLED

Examples of usage:

  1. Besides, I am unteachable to tie any of the orthodox knots in the gut; it takes me half an hour to get the gut through one of these newfangled iron eyes, and, when it is through, I knot it any way. "Angling Sketches" by Andrew Lang
  2. Mrs. Ramsay was the same simple, silent, ill- at- ease person I had first met at the Ann Arbor commencement,- probably the same that she had been ever since her husband's wealth and her children's infection with newfangled ideas had forced her from the plain ways of her youth. "The Plum Tree" by David Graham Phillips
  3. He himself belonged to the age of " bumpers and no heel taps," and nobody at his board to- night seemed to care about drinking bumpers, even out of the poor, little, newfangled claret- glasses, that held only a thimbleful apiece. "The Story of a New York House" by Henry Cuyler Bunner
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