Antonyms of CLEANLY

Examples of usage:

  1. So we come to Sir W. Batten's, where Sir W. Pen and his Lady, and we and Mrs. Shipman, and here we walked and had an indifferent good dinner, the victuals very good and cleanly dressed and good linen, but no fine meat at all. "Diary of Samuel Pepys, Complete Transcribed From The Shorthand Manuscript In The Pepysian Library Magdalene College Cambridge By The Rev. Mynors Bright" by Samuel Pepys Commentator: Lord Braybrooke
  2. " I'd ask you to speak to me if I was any ways fit," he said, holding out a not over- cleanly hand. "The Princess and Joe Potter" by James Otis
  3. It was her face, though, that seized Vane's attention: the level brows; the quiet, deep brown eyes; the straight, cleanly- cut nose; and the subtle suggestion of steadfastness and pride which they all conveyed. "Vane of the Timberlands" by Harold Bindloss
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