Using Antonyms Dictionaries

An antonym is a word that is the opposite of another word. For example, "hot" is an antonym of "cold". An antonyms dictionary has a list of words, and for each one, it will have a complete list for all of the antonyms for that particular word.

Using an antonyms dictionary to discover what the antonyms of a particular word are is something that would be very useful to students, for example. Many grammatical exercises for English in school require a student to understand and use antonyms. A student who doesn't quite understand the answer to a question like "What are antonyms?" can read a dictionary for antonyms online for an easy to access example of some antonyms.

You can use an online dictionary for antonyms by entering a word into the search-box and then clicking the "Search" or similarly named button to activate the search, and display all the antonyms for a particular word. This list can often be quite long, and will have a variety of different shades of opposite meaning connected to the word that was inputted. This also means that the words in an antonyms list will often be similar to each other, though they may not necessarily be synonyms. The words on an antonyms list will often at least have something in common, even if it's only that they are the opposite of the original root word.

Using an online dictionary of any sort, including for antonyms or synonyms, is a great way to save time. Instead of sitting around, trying to look in your head for the exact similar or opposite word you need, you can let a website do the search for you, listing every word possible right on the screen, and all you need to make it happen is an Internet connection of your own.