Antonyms of unrequited:
reciprocal, mutual.
Examples of usage:
  1. Nor were ye deaf, ye rigid rocks, To human sorrow's plaintive tones, While in your dark recesses Echo dwelt, No idle plaything of the winds, But spirit sad of hapless nymph, Whom unrequited love, and cruel fate, Of her soft limbs deprived.
    "The Poems of Giacomo Leopardi", Giacomo Leopardi.
  2. Why suffer, as he was suffering, all the agonies of burning, unrequited love.
    "Colorado Jim", George Goodchild.
  3. The slight links which bound me to him, had in a moment snapt; but he loved me, with a fierce and selfish love indeed, but still he loved me; and if there is torment in unrequited love; if there is agony in reading the cold language of indifference in the eyes on which you gaze away the happiness of your life, that torment, that agony, should be his.
    "Ellen Middleton--A Tale", Georgiana Fullerton.