Examples of usage:

  1. Kant, under the influence of Newton, adopted, though with some vacillation, the hypothesis of absolute space, and this hypothesis, though logically unobjectionable, is removed by Occam's razor, since absolute space is an unnecessary entity in the explanation of the physical world. "Mysticism and Logic and Other Essays" by Bertrand Russell
  2. But I found this out by accident, which has had a share in most discoveries, and which, meaning a something that falls into our hands unlocked for, is so far an unobjectionable word even to the man who does not believe in chance. "The Seaboard Parish Volume 1" by George MacDonald
  3. The object is so worthy, and the theatricals will be so entirely unobjectionable in every respect. "Annie Kilburn A Novel" by W. D. Howells
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