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  1. He spent his money recklessly, with an unbridled zeal for bestowing gifts. "Eastern Shame Girl The Wedding of Ya-Nei; A Strange Destiny; The Error of the Embroidered Slipper; The Counterfeit Old Woman; The Monastery of the Esteemed-Lotus; A Complicated Marriage" by Charles Georges Souli
  2. Atossa, as unbridled in her joy as in her grief, ran to meet her friend's litter and flew from one of her attendants to the other crying: " They are all innocent; we shall not lose one of them- not one!" "The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers" by Georg Ebers
  3. In her heart Miss Sibson owned that in all her experience she had known nothing like this; no disorder so flagrant, so unbridled, so daring. "Chippinge Borough" by Stanley J. Weyman

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