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Antonyms of SUCCINCT:
prolix, diffuse, lengthy, long, tedious, verbose, wordy, pleonastic, redundant, repetitious, tautological, tautologous, enlarged, expanded, supplemented, embellished, embroidered, exaggerated, inflated, circuitous, circumlocutory, long-winded, rambling, windy.
Misspellings for SUCCINCT:
suscienct, secinct, schenectay, suscinctly, sugasync, accenct, succcient, succelent, sunifinect, sussinctly, succcinct, signifanct, suficcient, succenct, sarcastict, cincinncati, sufficcinent, susinct, suscinct, succintt, sufficienct, succient, susinctly, sucinctly, sacrisanct, succint, sucinct, succicient, succend, sysinct, succently, sussinct, succicnt, sigificnt, sucinctli.
Examples of usage:
  1. " They used to be engaged," was her succinct and emphatic answer.
  2. However, a normally brief, succinct, and to- the- point Borla did know when to praise his Emperor with more than the usual flourish.
    "Si'Wren of the Patriarchs", Roland Cheney.
  3. It was very brief, very succinct, very informing, and very satisfactory.
    "In Her Own Right", John Reed Scott.
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