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  1. Against such chances Arstingstall wished to take precautions, so he led the elephant down the car, through the jumble of animals and cages, all the less prepared for mischief as this was rather a smallish elephant, not over six feet at the shoulder and showing only half- grown tusks. "Careers of Danger and Daring" by Cleveland Moffett
  2. In the little room where I sat there were three other men- two of them were men that I knew, men who dealt in diamonds in a smallish way. "Ravensdene Court" by J. S. (Joseph Smith) Fletcher
  3. Matilda Maud Mackenzie had a habit that was droll, She spent her morning seated on a rock or on a knoll, And threw with much composure A smallish rubber ball At an inoffensive osier By a little waterfall; But Matilda's way of throwing Was like other people's mowing, And she never hit the willow- tree at all! "Grimm Tales Made Gay" by Guy Wetmore Carryl

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    Smallish Synonyms, Smallish Antonyms | Merriam-Webster Thesaurus

    of a size that is less than average <a smallish row of bushes lining the yard> Synonyms bantam, diminutive, dinky, dwarfish, fine, half-pint, Lilliputian, little, ...

    Antonym of big

    significant. Antonyms: teeny-weeny, itty-bitty, microscopic, shrimpy, lesser, teeny, temperate, light, minute, slender, ungenerous, tiny, olive-sized, smallish, dinky, ...

    Antonym of large

    a garment size for a large person. Antonyms: teentsy, insignificant, microscopical, elflike, unimportant, tiny, smallish, pocket-size, littler, diminutive, inconspicuous ...

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    Children, lower-case letters, lady bugs, and thumb tacks are all small. ... If you ask for a small favor, it had better not be a big deal. .... show more antonyms.
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