Antonyms of SCANTILY

Examples of usage:

  1. It was as yet but scantily recognized, and he had hard work to live. "Roderick Hudson" by Henry James
  2. Except in the immediate vicinity of the river, the northern division is stony and scantily covered with vegetation, except in spring. "Hasisadra's Adventure Essay #7 from "Science and Hebrew Tradition"" by Thomas Henry Huxley
  3. As we went on, the country for a little way improved, but scantily. "The Grammar of English Grammars" by Goold Brown
  4. Panels were sliding open, and people, scantily attired, thrust startled heads out into the corridor. "Pirates of the Gorm" by Nat Schachner
  5. The captain and his wife and her sister walked to Downhill, two miles off, across broad meadows, a river, and a pretty old bridge, the next Sunday morning, found the church scantily filled, but with more respectable- looking people, and heard the same sermon over again, so that Mary was able to identify it with one in a published volume. "The Carbonels" by Charlotte M. Yonge
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