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  • advance, ahead, bring forward, face, forrad.
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Antonyms of PALATIALLY:
unpretentiously, cheaply, economically, frugally, inexpensively, meagerly, poorly, skimpily, sparely, sparingly, thriftily, conservatively, moderately, prudently, reasonably, restrainedly, sensibly, temperately, austerely, humbly, modestly, plainly, simply.
Misspellings for PALATIALLY:
patialy, politial, partioally, poentially, polictial, parsially, politiacl, policitial, realistially, palacial, politicially, partcially, pshycially, potetially, patially, particially, partiallly, playcall, polictially, palatiable, paritially, biolocially, politcially, politally, policial, politialy, politiaclly, partshally, pratially, polictiacl, patartially, policially, parctially, platial, policitially, plashplayer, politially, paratial, publicially.