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  • antipathy, disgust, distaste, indifference, repugnance.
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Antonyms of PAINTERLY:
unaesthetic, inaesthetic.
Misspellings for PAINTERLY:
passioniately, appearnetly, apperntely, parnetal, passionetly, intirley, peantly, peniterary, poiletly, permannetly, pantrry, pantery, patientely, perminately, patitally, paintfull, appearntly, paciently, paitenly, paciantly, permantely, paintfully, pernametly, pemanetly, centerly, aparntly, pationtly, apparnetly, permantetly, pointelly, passinatly, interly, pacientley, poiltely, intirly, apearntly, apparntly, passionitely, permanetely, permanately, passonately, paiently, pantleg, painlly, perminetly, interlay, pointly, pasionately, enterly, pinetree, permaneately, pasintly, pationetly, paintful, intierly, paitentilly, pationately, patenly, penetly, passionatelly, apaently, plitely, eniterly, pasionatelly, paently, upunteil, paintable, passionataly, penitly, apparntely, intarly, moniterly, parnetr, pashionetly, pashiontly, passiontely, pucntual.