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Antonyms of PAINFUL:
painless, unpainful, good, pain-free, comfortable, comfy, pleasant, curative, healing, helping, remedial, indolent, bearable, endurable, supportable, sustainable, tolerable, livable, sufferable, survivable, acceptable, allowable, reasonable, gratifying, pleasing, sweet.
Misspellings for PAINFUL:
rainfull, pityful, pinful, faniful, panflit, peacheful, hanfull, pianfully, paynfule, ainful, thanful, peiceful, wronful, paceful, painfullly, peasceful, pa104inf, palyful, peaeful, paintfull, benifil, prayful, meanful, peachful, peacfuly, painfilled, paiful, panafill, piecfull, piceful, painfullllll, paintfully, mainfloor, pieceful, pittyful, paniful, plenifull, plaful, playfuil, plenitful, peasfull, peazfull, painfuls, peasefull, rainfal, peacfeul, pwerful, peacfull, pairefalia, painfull, pitful, poerful, pentiful, pecfull, painfuly, peacful, pecful, meaniful, peaseful, meaingful, painfree, pawerful, powful, peacuful, downful, pecefull, plainful, pinnavle, peasful, panfull, mannerful, pianful, epainful, peicefull, picefull, pwerfull, pincil, panflet, painlly, sponful, painfulf, powrful, peninula, painfulk, painfall, peaful, playfule, paintful, peceful, panfry, painfule, ppwerful, infull, wheniful, hanful, thanfull, pinevile, peautiful, meanfull, apinful, ranfuly, pifel, nonfule, payinf, paonful, benifiual, minful, painlfully, payful, popofol, spounful.
Examples of usage:
  1. It would have saved us a good many anxious and painful hours.
    "The Squire's Daughter", Silas K(itto) Hocking.
  2. If a visit to him would not be painful, he has begged it may be this morning.
    "The Gamester (1753)", Edward Moore Commentator: Charles H. Peake Phillip R. Wikelund.
  3. It is naturally a deeply painful subject to me.
    "A Terrible Secret", May Agnes Fleming.