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  1. His appearance was greeted with shouts, into which Duncan struck with a paean from his pipes; but in the midst of the tumult, one of the oldest of the fishermen stood up, and in a voice accustomed to battle with windy uproars, called for silence. "Malcolm" by George MacDonald
  2. Stupendous thunder of the meeting stars, And crash of orbits that diverged, With Life's thin song are merged; Thy quietudes enfold Paean and threnody as one, And battle- blare of unremembered wars With festal songs Sung in the Romes of ruined spheres, And music that belongs To younger, undiscoverable years With words of yesterday. "The Star-Treader and other poems" by Clark Ashton Smith
  3. It is marvellously pictorial, and yet has a freedom that places it among the most delightful of spontaneous lyrics: - " We shouted, every man of us, And steered right into the harbour thus, With pomp and paean glorious." "Life-of-Robert-Browning" by Sharp, William

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