Opposite words for waive:
lay claim, arrogate, claim.
Usage samples:
  1. The fact that I had been stopping in it gave me no right that I was not happy to waive."
    "More Tish", Mary Roberts Rinehart.
  2. The English were ready to waive all other points at issue if the other side would resolve to show some indulgence, especially if they would conclude some tolerable arrangement with Rochelle.
    "A History of England Principally in the Seventeenth Century, Volume I (of 6)", Leopold von Ranke.
  3. We waive that point, though, and come to the lack of discretion shown by the fox.
    "A Plea for Old Cap Collier", Irvin S. Cobb.
  4. But these proposed activities did not seem so obviously legitimate to Presidents of the Virginia Dynasty; not so readily could they waive constitutional scruples.
    "Jefferson and his Colleagues A Chronicle of the Virginia Dynasty, Volume 15 In The Chronicles Of America Series", Allen Johnson.