Opposite words for silent:
garrulous, sociable, raucous, loquacious, gabby, clangorous, extroverted, articulate, talky, diffuse, gregarious, fluent, rackety, chatty, unreserved, voluble, outgoing, wordy, motormouthed, communicatory, unquiet, talkative, windy, prolix, communicative, uproarious, outspoken, rip-roaring, tumultuous, vocal, roistering, glib, well-spoken, audible, talking, free, sound, speaking, noisy, long-winded, verbose, clamorous, talebearing, free-spoken, boisterous, conversational, smooth-tongued, explicit, mouthy, eloquent, rambling, expressed, roaring, silver-tongued, clattery, blabby, facile, gossipy, hearable, clattering.
Usage samples:
  1. She was sorry she had asked, and stood silent.
    "A Red Wallflower", Susan Warner.
  2. " No." He was silent for a moment.
    "The Garden Of Allah", Robert Hichens.
  3. Mrs. March was a long time silent.
    "A Hazard of New Fortunes", William Dean Howells.
  4. Ned was silent for a moment.
    "Boy Scouts in a Submarine", G. Harvey Ralphson.