Opposite words for obey:
lead, flout, buck, breach, disobey, mock, wink, disoblige, rebel, transgress, resist, brush off, contest, repudiate, mutiny, withstand, scorn, pooh-pooh, overpass, tune out, overlook, dismiss, pass over, renounce, fight, shrug off, defy, deride, violate, revolt, infringe, oppose, combat, challenge, scoff, refuse, break, disregard, direct, dare, ignore, dispute.
Usage samples:
  1. Now, my child, you must do your duty and obey your parents- as we must part, the sooner we part the better.
    "Valerie", Frederick Marryat.
  2. " Yes, when Michael tells me with his own lips, or I see it in his own handwriting, or I myself am convinced that Millicent was with him, I will meekly obey you.
    "There was a King in Egypt", Norma Lorimer.
  3. Is this the way ye obey orders?
    "Jess of the Rebel Trail", H. A. Cody.
  4. But not one hesitated to obey.
    "The Mystery of the Hasty Arrow", Anna Katharine Green.