Opposite words for lively:
heavy, slow, lustreless, unanimated, lacklustre, unambitious, desiccated, lusterless, dull, vapid, tedious, impassive, dreary, dead, idle, desiccate, humdrum, torpid, lackluster, sleepy, boring, lazy, languid, bovine, stupid, stolid, lifeless, tired, weary, unenrgetic, monotonous, limp, inert, phlegmatic, sluggish, quiescent, quiet, apathetic, arid, spiritless, uneventful, lackadaisical, leaden, indolent, listless, languishing, asleep, lethargic, inelastic, languorous, inanimate, irksome, inactive, drab.
Usage samples:
  1. My lively imagination pictures you in a double character.
    "The Black Robe", Wilkie Collins.
  2. The detective's suspicions travelled at a lively rate around the village and before twenty- four hours it came to the ears of the Merriweather Girls.
    "The Merriweather Girls and the Mystery of the Queen's Fan", Lizette M. Edholm.
  3. Oh, we shall have many a lively half- hour when Mrs. Wade calls!
    "Denzil Quarrier", George Gissing.
  4. Paper- hanging evidently had its lively side.
    "The Underdog", F. Hopkinson Smith.