Opposite words for horror:
delightfulness, joy, partiality, desire, liking, agreeableness, fun, approval, shine, audacity, fancy, favor, aplomb, propensity, desirableness, pleasure, doughtiness, assurance, treat, diversion, heaven, daring, pleasurableness, satisfaction, attractiveness, appetite, guts, affection, valor, intrepidity, desirability, hardihood, gratification, fearlessness, picnic, attraction, pleasantness, delight, lark, paradise, relish, preference, taste, courage, like, predilection, riot, intrepidness, self-assurance, blessing, love, recreation, fortitude, bent, entertainment, appreciation, dauntlessness, penchant, self-confidence, appeal, courageousness, vision, confidence, bravery, boldness, benefit, gallantry, esteem, nerve, fondness, stoutness, allurement, use, enjoyment.
Usage samples:
  1. I'm going to see absolute horror!
    "The Ideal", Stanley Grauman Weinbaum.
  2. He took a step toward her and she saw that his eyes stared wide with horror.
    "Prairie Flowers", James B. Hendryx.
  3. But I have a horror of the motor, since yesterday.
    "The Motor Maid", Alice Muriel Williamson and Charles Norris Williamson.
  4. Ford looked into the face of the girl and found her eyes filled with horror.
    "The Lost House", Richard Harding Davis.