Opposite words for energized:
dispirited, knackered, deadened, tired, demoralized, drained, enervate, weakened, enervated, disheartened, exhausted, unmanned, emasculated, weary, dampened.
Usage samples:
  1. She must first be humanized and civilized by the Roman, and then energized and made free from the Roman by the Teuton.
    "A Short History of France", Mary Platt Parmele.
  2. Particularly as it became clear to me that his freedom from that responsibility energized his descent upon me for Zoe's interest in the farm.
    "Children of the Market Place", Edgar Lee Masters.
  3. I was becoming energized by the prospect of progress, and being that way always makes me ravenous.
    "Life Blood", Thomas Hoover.
  4. He seems to classify the child's conscience with the criminal conscience, the rebel conscience which must be energized by the fear of penalties.
    "The Moral Instruction of Children", Felix Adler.